Some of the different types of background checks that one should know.

Some of the different types of background checks that one should know.

If you want to know what are the different types of background checks available please head down to know in detail about them. The best background check sites offer to provide service on all or a few of these types of background verification. Some of the different types of background checks are,

  1. Employment check
  2. Criminal check
  3. Fingerprint check
  4. Credit check
  5. Personal background check
  6. Professional license check

Most of the websites offer you to provide services on all or a few of these types. Let’s get to know what these checks will result in and who would want these checks?

  1. Employment check- The employers do these checks for hiring a new employee. They will look for details about the person’s previous employment, education, and criminal records if any. Having said that, in most cases the employers can perform these checks only after hiring the person and not before hiring them.

Usually, the employer hires a third-party provider who has access to all the databases, to perform these checks.

  1. Criminal check – These checks are commonly done by employers or landlords to know if the searched person has committed any criminal offense. This check comes in almost every basic search. If you want to do a detailed search, then you want to pay additionally to perform such searches. Because it may involve searching different databases across zones.

choosing the best background check sites

Some sites have different levels for performing this check and the charges vary for each level.

  1. Fingerprint check – Though there is no exclusive search performed for fingerprints, this check works parallelly along with other checks. To get this check done, the sites have to have legal access to government organizations.
  2. Credit checks – This check is generally performed by financial organizations like banks. Having said that, it’s not limited only to them, even employers or landlords can run these checks on a person to know their credit status. However, they do not disclose the credit score of that person, because it’s not considered legal.
  3. Personal check- This check is done by a person to know, how his/her data will appear if someone is doing a background check on them. They can filter the criteria that they want to see and perform this search. Usually, this is performed to ensure if everything on the record is right.
  4. Professional License Check – This check is performed to know if the person is holding a legit professional license of what he/she is claiming. Usually, it is performed by employers in all types of industry.


These are some of the different types of checks that are performed by the best background check sites to provide information about a person’s history to help their clients assess if they will be trustworthy and safe.