The Pros and Possible Cons of 5G Network

The Pros and Possible Cons of 5G Network

5G stands for Fifth Generation of cellular technology.  It is considered as the next great thing in the world of technology in that it increases the speed of sending and receiving interne data for wireless device better than ever. If 4G was great, 5G is even far better and can send wireless network at an incomparable speed.  The speed we are talking about here has to do with both the latency and the rate at which mobile device users can download data to their devices.  5G helps to reduce latency or lag in data transfer. This way, the experience between sending and receiving internet information is incomparable.

The speed at which 5G delivers data is 10 to 100 times faster than what 4G can deliver.  The download speed on 5G network can go as high as gigabits per second (Gb/s) this is far higher than the megabits per second speed you will get if you use 4G network. 5G network makes it easy to download new applications that slow speed of 4G network renders impossible. The gigabits per second speed of the 5G network means a heavy video of hundreds of megabytes can be downloaded within seconds.  5G network also finds application in autonomous driving cars and virtual reality applications. The latency in 5G network is far below 1-millisecond. The incomparable speed of 5G network means that mobile devices that use 5G can send and receive information in a period less than 1/1000th of a second.

5G network has so many benefits as described above. However, the world will need to create new infrastructure and technology to use the 5G network.

5G network

How dangerous is 5G network?

As described above, 5G network has so many benefits.  However, the introduction of 5G network also brings various concerns about security.  Many even think 5G network   has so many health hazard issues. This is especially because of the fact that 5G uses higher energy millimeter-wave radiation.

Studies show that 5G network releases non-ionizing radiation and this will only cause overheating.  Some skeptics, however, think that 5G network causes more than overheating but can also be responsible for different types of diseases, including chronic headaches and brain tumors.  The investigation about how dangerous or otherwise that the 5G network is far from being concluded; this means that more studies are still ongoing.  Technologists are of the opinion that more knowledge is required about the toxicology aspect of the 5G network.

Be that as it may, there seems to be an agreement that the benefits of the 5G network overwhelms all the possible challenges or supposed challenges that may be associated with it.  There is also a consensus that the 5G network will transform the way humans interact with the World Wide Web.  More will still surface about this unique network in times to come.