Pastor Norman Quintero -Charged With Numerous Allegations?

Pastor Norman Quintero -Charged With Numerous Allegations?

No crime in the city goes unnoticed by the authorities, be it a common citizen or any big shot politician. It is always the case that these people are caught, and then they face the repercussions which they wish they didn’t commit. Famous personalities getting arrested is a thrill for the audience because they always want the gossip sites to spill the tea and one of them is Pastor Norman Quintero.


What were his crimes?

If people do not want to go around in various sites reading technical terminology related to the crime, then here is a simple way it is presented. His crimes have been going on through a long phase of time ranging from 1997 as he was not legally practising law till the current year that is going on.

  • As he calls himself a pastor, many incidents have resulted in him facing allegations. It is a shameful act that can convince one that this guy is no less than a thug. There are numerous titles that he goes by; one can accurately believe that he is a man who has crimes up his sleeves. In the year 2013, he was alleged by a lady that she continuously got calls and messages even after she broke up. He even went to the extent of threatening her family along with giving her chills by stating that he will call the immigration office as she was from Mexico. Later the lady posted what she felt on her Facebook account which indicated that this man was not involved in any godly work as he was fake.
  • In the year 2021, Pastor Norman Quintero falsely occupied a building, and to add on to the crime, he resorted to stealing studio equipment along with priceless items like piano and paintings that were extremely expensive.
  • Again in this year, his activities did not come to a stop when he was charged with yet another case where he stole money from a person by falsely telling the customer that it was for a loan. He did not complete any of his promises after taking the loan for the money and later refused to show the police all the papers.

His crimes have been growing for a long time, and there is a variety of them. He falsely claims that his profession is that of a pastor, which hardly can be believed. His property has been taken away by the law, he was still adamant for four months trying all his force to stay there.