The Best Granite Selection for Countertops Located in Chicagoland.

The Best Granite Selection for Countertops Located in Chicagoland.

For more infoabout the countertops visit website This company is situated in Elk Grove Village, IL specializing in the distribution, customization, fragmentation, and installation of marble vanities, kitchen countertops, fireplace surroundings, and shower walls custom made refined granite out of natural granite stones. Our handicraftsgranite selections are on another level ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. We offer exceptional customer service through the installation ofhigh- qualitycountertops. A brief discussion below on what we customize for our customers.

A brief discussion on our products.

Sea Perl Quartize Countertop.

Sea Perl’s unrefined art emerges fromvariousqualities of gray and shades of white color that resembles the blue ocean water that overflows the sandy beaches. It’s versatile to suit both the modern and traditional living space. It’s neutral color blends with a bunchof designs and decorations that you may have inside your kitchen. When it comes to beautifying your kitchen, Sea Perl can either highlight your kitchen ornaments or highlighton its own. It features delicate lines that create a calming effect as of the beach.

Top Selling Countertop Products on Granite Selection.

Black Antique Granite Countertop.

At a glance, the Black Antique Granite may resemble a typical black color but it’s not. It’s cut in perfect shape that brings out the granite stone folds giving it a three-dimensionalview that resembles an optical delusion. It’s surprising at how the grey and black color blended to bring out a harmonious look creating an in-depthillusion of the granite stone. The Black Antique is versatile giving your kitchen space a classic look.

Armitage Cambria Quartz Countertop.

Has a sophisticated design for residentialand business-oriented spaces. The blend of pitch dark black and gray give your living space an in-depth illusion creating a three-dimensional view. The copper orange over the slab adds design to the Armitage Cambria. It’s aa perfect fit for a kitchen countertop because of its durability.


We have a great selection of granite, Quartz, Cambria Quartz, Marble, and Mci Q Quartz of countertops designs in different shades of colors. We will ensure that our team of professionals see to it that your living space needs are taken care of to your satisfaction. Visit websitegraniteselection.comfor more information.