Best Septic Tank Repair Breslau – Top Septic Tank Problems 

Best Septic Tank Repair Breslau – Top Septic Tank Problems 

Top septic tank problems 

Is your toilet not flushing properly? Or nasty stuff is just coming out of the tank? Unpleasant whiffs all over your garden area? Well, these are all signs of damage in the septic tank. Unfortunately, people usually don’t’ consider septic tank problems seriously on the initial level. This ignorance can lead to complete damage to the septic tank. In addition, the cost of repair may vary according to the conditions the septic tank is in.

Here are some of the most common septic tank problems that occur in every household. If you notice things at the ground level, tackling them will be easier.

  •     Tree root damage 

As the septic tank is filled with organic waste produced in our homes. These organic wastes can become the home of many trees and shrubs. These trees and shrubs can grow on the walls, pipes, or even soakaways.

Because of these tree roots, water from the ground can get easily into the tank that might even lead to leakage of the septic tank. So ultimately, the system will stop working, and the whole area will be a horrible mess.

  •     Collapsed baffle 

A baffle is a barrier within the tank that stops lumpy stuff from escaping into the soakaway. If the baffle is damaged, the soakaways will be filled with all the solid and liquid waste.

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  •     Ground movement 

There are times when the ground around the septic tank shifts. These small shifts are very hard to be noticed from the ground surface, but these shifts can cause greater damage. Due to these shifts, cracks or fractures can appear on the walls of the tanks.

This causes two main problems. First, the septic tank might push back all the waste, and second, if groundwater reaches the tank via cracks, then the separation of the waste becomes difficult.

  •     Vehicle damage 

Septic tanks are located a little far from the house. Therefore, there are chances that some vehicles might put pressure on the tanks and cause some real damage. The damage caused can cause immediate problems like the unpleasant smell all over the place, total breakage of the tank, or more.

  •     Damage to dip pipes 

A dip or T-pipe allows only the correct type of waste into the soakaway system. T-pipe and baffle perform almost the same function. The damage can be caused during the installation or cleaning of the tank.

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  •     Hydrostatic pressure 

In extreme cases, the hydrostatic pressure from the water can cause serious problems to the tank. For example, the pipe that leads to the tank may be detached due to this pressure resulting in backing up of the drainage system into the area.

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