Maid of honor handles crucial responsibilities

Maid of honor handles crucial responsibilities

Perhaps, choosing individuals to be a part of your bridal party is one of the most challenging tasks. Every bride wishes to remain surrounded by her best friends and family members. But, only one person can be the maid of honor.

Ideally, one of the best friends or sisters can be ideal for the maid of honor’s position. Bride’s sister would surely enjoy raising a toast or reading the maid of honor speech for sister. But, the person needs to be emotionally connected to the bride, someone who knows her intimately. The bride’s MoH needs to be able to handle associated responsibilities.

Need to devote a considerable amount of time

The individual should also be ready to devote her time to the bride. MoH needs to be available for planning celebrations, dress shopping, venue hunting, and even cake tasting. The person needs to accompany the bride in choosing reception decorations, color schemes for the event, etc. So, choosing someone who works long working hours is not ideal.

The bride should choose someone who shares the same taste in dressing and jewelry to avoid conflicts. There needs to be superb coordination between the MoH and other bridesmaids during jewelry shopping and make-up trials.

Sisters wedding speech

Key responsibilities

The maid of honor helps the bride and reduces her overall stress during various preparations for the engagement and the big day. The person works as the critical personal attendant for the bride by serving as the chief bridesmaid.

She also remains responsible for planning the hen’s night and hosting events like kitchen tea, bridal shower. In case if a hands-on effort is required, MoH is responsible for delegating responsibilities to bridesmaids.

If the bride wishes to use the toilet, the MoH helps her and ensures the dress does not wrangle. The person is also responsible for ensuring the bride eats something during engagement and marriage. Most importantly, the MoH signs the marriage certificate.

The post is crucial because she gets the opportunity to enjoy the first dance, including one with the best man, give a speech, and also raise a toast. She needs to ensure the bride looks best during the magical celebration.

The bride can let the MoH dress like bridesmaids or choose a different color with jewelry to reflect her status. In case if the MoH is married, she is called matron of honor. You can find a maid of honor speech for sister, brother, or friend online.