Here’s Everything To Know About Clinc’s Revolutionizing Aspect

Here’s Everything To Know About Clinc’s Revolutionizing Aspect

Clinc provides an exceptional Ann-Arbor startup founded in 2015 made a conversational AI platform to assist in multiple domains like drive-in restaurants and financial services, etc.

A to Z guide for Clinc AI platform

This platform is mainly used to build effective and powerful solutions that can be disseminated across multiple domains. Later, the same could be used to monitor and brainstorm ideas required to improve the end-user experience.

It is capable of checking end-to-end dialogues and individual models because of inbuilt powerful testing suites. Similarly, it checks and notifies in case of any errors.

 One can use Clinc’s launch site to deploy any model on any channel. This platform provides you will all the tools necessary to consistently and automatically analyze and monitor your AI. Result? Saving a lot of time and unnecessary hassle.

This robust, end-to-end conversational platform has collaborated and worked with many clients like- Chick-fil-A, Ford, and Wendy’s. It gained tremendous support and attention after last year’s launch of – Finie- a financial domain AI voice assistant.

AI On Finance

All about this Financial Genie aka Finie

People’s urgency to know about retail banking without stepping outside in the pandemic year of 2020 accelerated the development at Clinc’s department. Finie proved to be a major success in the financial domain because-

  • It reduced the cost of human agents on call and replaced it with AI virtual assistants. This saved revenue of the banks of America and US bank
  • Replaced the need to walk up to banks for any small matters

Finie is capable of answering all the questions of the customer and then storing them for future references. The questions “How much I’ve spent in a shopping mall in 1 year”, “How much balance do I have”, and “Cancel my credit card” etc., etc. could be effectively answered and performed by the assistant.  Thus, revolutionizing the aspect and footprints of AI.