revitalize the said designs. He died in 1907 before his designs were ever put onto coins.


Most people consider coin collecting as something an elderly person would do. There are only a few youngsters whose hobby is to collect coins. A lot of people find this hobby boring and pointless. What these people do not know is that coin collecting can actually be fun and exciting. Looking for a certain coin or trading with other collectors to complete your set is such a challenge. After completing a set, you will feel an unexplainable satisfaction. People may not be aware but there are great reasons to pursue coin collection.


Most coins gain value over time. You are also sure to get your investment back if ever you want to give up this hobby. Metal prices tend to increase often. Since coins have metals on them, coin prices rise up as well.


The rarity of coins is one of their best selling points. There are very rare coins that collectors call hidden treasure. These coins are worth a hefty sum of money it can set you for life. Along with rarity, people also consider the coin’s beauty and design. These are very sought-after attributes in coin collecting.

Native American theme. They preferred the sketch of the Indian head and the buffalo.


A lot of hobbyists are always up for a challenge. Coin collecting offers so many of this. A collector with unlimited budget can get almost any coin. What is challenging is finding that coin at a low price.


Coin collecting can teach you a lot of things. Coins have a rich history and studying them will provide you with a vast knowledge. You can discover facts about history, society, politics, and culture from several coins. For example, the Buffalo nickels and the State quarters.

People collect coins for different reasons. The most popular is being a stress reliever. If you want to try a relaxing way to take your mind off things, why not try collecting coins?