It is not easy for most people to give up their old car. Some consider their cars as a companion they do not want to part with even with old age. A lot of people doubt whether it is time to get rid of their old car. This is a common dilemma especially when a running old car still serves its purpose. What you can do is look for certain signs that tell you it is the right time.

Cost of repairs

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There will come a time when your car needs more frequent checkups and repairs. The cost of repairs can hurt your finances if you are not ready for it. Older cars tend to have torn seats, broken door locks, and weak brakes. Small repairs can be affordable but it means something else when you add them up.

Low safety rating

Vehicles from the 80s, 90s, and even some from the early 2000s, fall below modern safety standards. It can be dangerous to drive around in an old car with no airbags. It would be best to leave your old car to scrap car dealers when it already has a low safety rating.

Check engine light always on

A persistent check engine light is a sure sign it is time to get rid of your old car. Most drivers take this glowing light for granted. It is not a useless feature and you should take notice of it. It turns on every time there is an issue with your car. If it greets you even after you get your car fixed, then you can bid it farewell.

There are several ways to get rid of your car and still get money out of it even when nobody wants to buy your old car. Scrapping your car or bringing it to a recycling center is the best option for most people.