Your Rights As A Citizen

What Are Your Rights As A Citizen?

The rights of a citizen vary from one country to another. Your rights are determined by what the constitution of your country says. The kind of government that prevails in your country can also determine what your rights are. If you are in a country under military rule, your rights as a citizen may not matter at all since martial law always prevail in such a country in which the power to determine what is right or wrong resides in the military ruler. The rights of the citizens in a country under democratic leadership are usually protected since democracy is the “government of the people, by the people and for the people”. The rights of the people are protected since the people play principal roles in determine who the leaders are.

In the course of this write-up, we will enlighten you about what your rights are as a citizen of a country run by democratically elected leaders, which is about the only kind of country where the rights of the citizens are truly appreciated and respected. This write-up will not focus on any country, but you will find elements of it in any country under democratic leadership in any part of the world. You should also bear in mind that the leaders of some so-called democracy countries fail to respect some of the rights of the citizens. Such a citizen has the right to use such a government to court and can even go as far as the International ourt of Justice.

citizen of a country

Your rights as a citizen

The sovereign power of a country under democratic rule is invested in the people.  As a citizen, you have the right to exercise your sovereign power directly or indirectly; the indirect method involves making your voice known via your elected representative. As a citizen, you have the right to lodge a complaint in a court of law if you feel that your fundamental freedom or right is being threatened, violated or denied.

As a citizen, you have entitlement to the following fundamental freedoms and rights:

  • Right to life
  • The rights to equal benefit in law, right to equally protection and equality
  • Right to human dignity
  • Right to security and freedom
  • Protection from forced labor, servitude and slavery
  • Freedom of opinion, belief, religion and conscience
  • Freedom of the media
  • Freedom of expression
  • Consumers rights
  • Right to use culture and language of your preference
  • Right to social and economic rights, including education, social security, water, food, housing and health.
  • Right to a healthy and clean environment
  • Fair labor practices
  • Protection of right to property
  • Freedom of residence and movement
  • Political rights
  • Right to petition, picketing, demonstration and assembly
  • Freedom of association
  • Right of access to information
Right Hotel for Lodging

How to Pick the Right Hotel for Lodging

Your hotel accommodation is one of the most important things to plan properly when going on a journey to a new city especially if you plan to stay in that new city or a considerable length of time and you do not have relatives or friends to lodge with.  A proper planning is very important as it can help you make the best choice when choosing the right hotel to lodge.  You need to consider the issue of cost so that you will not end up paying through the nose for a service that you can get at a far cheaper cost.  When picking an accommodation for your next journey, there are certain very important things you need to bear in mind and we will enlighten you about some of these things in the course of this write-up.

Consider your budget

When choosing a hotel for accommodation at your new destination, the issue of cost must almost always be put first. You must first consider how much you can afford for the hotel accommodation before you go for it.  You should have even decided before you leave home on how much you plan to spend on the trip itself and what fraction of that you are dedicating to hotel accommodation. While the issue of cost is very important, you should still consider the safety and comfort the hotel can offer. There is no point in lodging in a hotel if that hotel cannot ensure your complete safety and comfort even if the hotel charges the lowest rate in the city of your destination.

hotel for accommodation

If you are on a very tight budget and do not have much money to book a hotel lodging, you can simply go for a rented hostel or apartment, which will of course cost less for a longer duration than a hotel room.  If you have a high budget, on the other hand, nothing should stop you from lodging in a luxurious hotel with all the contents complete.

Helpful tips to save money

Booking a hotel through a booking service can help you to cut cost on hotel accommodation.  You can easily get discounted hotel lodging at these online portals and this can help you to save as much as 40% sometimes.  Your chance of getting very good discounts depends a great deal on the season. The discount can be higher during off peak periods compared with peak periods.

Always read reviews

Before you lodge in any hotel or book online, it is in your best interest to first read reviews about that hotel to find out how reliable or otherwise the hotel is. The reviews will give you an idea of how trustworthy this hotel can be so that you will not end up making a mistake when choosing a hotel to lodge.

Profitable Online Business

Helpful Tools for More Profitable Online Business

As an online entrepreneur, you need to put everything in place to make your business run smoothly.  You should not hold back from investing in knowledge as this can give you an edge above your competitors.  Aside from knowledge, you also need to get some helpful tools that can make your online business to grow faster and better.  There are so many tools out there that can make your online business more productive than ever and we will enlighten you about some of these tools in this write-up and how they can help transform your online business.

TextExpander for Chrome

This is one of the most popular tools for online business out there.  With this tool, you can easily create customer keyboard shortcuts for your online business.

Awesome Screenshot

This tool is available for free as a Chrome extension. The tool can help you to capture and edit screenshots on your desktop.

online business


This tool is also free and you can use it to schedule tasks. The scheduling app helps to hook the end-user up with a personalized calendar URL. The tool is one of the best calendar management tools you can use the tool to manage your schedules and handle your online appointment.  It can also be synced with Google Calendar and it helps you to meet up with your appointments on time.  The tool is available for free, but you can get more out of the premium version, which will only cost you $5 monthly. The premium version comes with meeting reminder emails, multiple calendar options and so on.

You can find helpful accounting and ledger tools on this platform for your online business.  The tool can be used for completing personal budget and finance. You can also use it for your personal purpose. The tool can help you to track your debt and income; you can also use it to carry out several other activities for your personal and business needs.  The tool has an intuitive and attractive interface and you can access free 34 days trial after which you can pay $60 for the software if you like it.

Communication & Meetings

You can include several communication tools in your online business to help you manage your business better and communicate more efficiently with your customers. A good example of communication tools is Skype, which is a free video and voice call tool; it can also be used as a chatting tool.  The tool currently belongs to Microsoft ad it is the best VOIP calling tool around today.  This tool has series of premiums features, like screen sharing, cell phone and landline calling. There are also several other communication tools out there that can have a huge impact on your online business, aside from Skype.

5G Network

The Pros and Possible Cons of 5G Network

5G stands for Fifth Generation of cellular technology.  It is considered as the next great thing in the world of technology in that it increases the speed of sending and receiving interne data for wireless device better than ever. If 4G was great, 5G is even far better and can send wireless network at an incomparable speed.  The speed we are talking about here has to do with both the latency and the rate at which mobile device users can download data to their devices.  5G helps to reduce latency or lag in data transfer. This way, the experience between sending and receiving internet information is incomparable.

The speed at which 5G delivers data is 10 to 100 times faster than what 4G can deliver.  The download speed on 5G network can go as high as gigabits per second (Gb/s) this is far higher than the megabits per second speed you will get if you use 4G network. 5G network makes it easy to download new applications that slow speed of 4G network renders impossible. The gigabits per second speed of the 5G network means a heavy video of hundreds of megabytes can be downloaded within seconds.  5G network also finds application in autonomous driving cars and virtual reality applications. The latency in 5G network is far below 1-millisecond. The incomparable speed of 5G network means that mobile devices that use 5G can send and receive information in a period less than 1/1000th of a second.

5G network has so many benefits as described above. However, the world will need to create new infrastructure and technology to use the 5G network.

5G network

How dangerous is 5G network?

As described above, 5G network has so many benefits.  However, the introduction of 5G network also brings various concerns about security.  Many even think 5G network   has so many health hazard issues. This is especially because of the fact that 5G uses higher energy millimeter-wave radiation.

Studies show that 5G network releases non-ionizing radiation and this will only cause overheating.  Some skeptics, however, think that 5G network causes more than overheating but can also be responsible for different types of diseases, including chronic headaches and brain tumors.  The investigation about how dangerous or otherwise that the 5G network is far from being concluded; this means that more studies are still ongoing.  Technologists are of the opinion that more knowledge is required about the toxicology aspect of the 5G network.

Be that as it may, there seems to be an agreement that the benefits of the 5G network overwhelms all the possible challenges or supposed challenges that may be associated with it.  There is also a consensus that the 5G network will transform the way humans interact with the World Wide Web.  More will still surface about this unique network in times to come.


Good Mechanics for Your Car

How to Find Good Mechanics for Your Car

Mechanics are trained experts capable of repairing faults in cars. A very good mechanic can help to keep the car working very fine and for a very long time. A good mechanic can help you to save money on repairs. There are so many mechanics out there today, but not all of them can be trusted for top quality services. In this write-up, we will give you helpful hints on how to get a reliable mechanic for your car.

Search online

You can get good mechanic via online search. Many of the mechanics have a presence online and you can use the internet to search for helpful information about them.  The interne even makes it very easy to get helpful information about the mechanics and this means you will not have to search for years before you can find a reliable mechanic for your car.

CarTalk is one of the best websites to get helpful information about mechanics. You can check the Mechanics Files on this website for this purpose.  On this page, you will find helpful recommendations about mechanics. In fact, you can find reviews about more than 30,000 mechanics on the Mechanics Files.

reliable mechanic for your car

Check Auto repair network

You can get a reliable mechanic for your automobile via auto repair network also. When looking for a network, it is advisable you only consider networks that are approved by AAA.  The mechanic you plan to patronize must offer up to 12,000 miles or 12 months warranty on every repair done by the mechanic.  You can get a far better service from a manufacture-certified technician or an ASE. Find out if the mechanic passed the annual AAA inspection before you hire the technician for your auto repair.

A mechanic certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence can be trusted to repair your automobiles for you.  You should equally find out what particular brand of a car that mechanic can repair successfully.

Better business bureau can help

One other way to find a reliable mechanic for your car is the better business bureau.  This should, however, be one of the last sources to find a mechanic.  After you have selected few mechanics using any of the methods provided above, you can now head over to Better Busies Bureau (BBB) to read up reviews about your selected mechanics. BBB will equally give you the ratings of those selected mechanics; the reviews and ratings are provided by the past clients of the mechanics.

Interview the mechanic

After following all the tips provided above, you should not hire the mechanic until you have interviewed him.  Find out how long he has been in the profession and find out if they can give warranty on quality. Only hire those who are ready to give acceptable warranty period.